Status: Fixed - on 11/4/20

Vi har monitorerat problemet nu de senaste veckorna och inte stött på några problem. Problemet anses nu vara löst.


We have monitored this issue for the last couple of weeks without any encountering any issues. We have decided to set this status as solved for now.

Update on 11/4/20
Status changed from Investigating Watching

New information:

Problemet är nu löst och Exchange tjänsten skall därmed fungera korrekt igen.

English: The problem has now been resolved and the Exchange service is shall now be fully working again.

Update on 11/26/20
Status changed from Watching Identified

New information:

Problemet har dessvärre återuppstått och vi arbetar med att åtgärda det det i talande stund.

The issue has unfortunately reoccurred and we're working on fixing it now.

Update on 1/8/21
Status changed from Identified Fixed

New information:


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